Who Cares?

This is a notion which I like to keep with me now, in whatever I am pursuing in my life. Recently, this came to light when there was drama in the YouTube community concerning branding in the beauty community. I am all for ousting people who do the wrong thing, especially any mental or physical abuse. When it comes to the cancel culture of the internet, it is so powerful that it sometimes works too quickly, or too hard in some cases; destroying the careers of people who really had not done anything wrong.

I think nowadays, our society is not willing to have a conversation. With highly inexcusable acts, such as racism, homophobia and sexism to name a few, there is no discussion to be had. But when it comes to the smaller, personal topics between individuals, it seems to be a case of “I am right and you are wrong, but I don’t want to hear what you want to say”.

I understand, people feel extremely threatened when they are found to be wrong, or expose themselves to the possibility of being wrong. But, being wrong is flipping cool. Not only do you get to learn something, but you also learn a little more about yourself in the meantime; what is more valuable than that?

But, the things we seem to care about are the most meaningless. When I used to use Facebook I would complain about what everybody else is doing; judging them for their every move. But one day I stopped myself an asked “Why do I care about this?”. I purposely choose to act the way I act, which means I hold all of the power.

So, the next time you ask a question, or are hesitant about making a decision, don’t care about what everyone else will think. I was going to google “Should I buy a Samsung or iPhone” but then I thought “Who cares?” and I should just buy the one that will make you happy.

With the small things that matter to you, and the some of the large things, focus on YOU. Stop paying attention to everyone else.


I don’t want to be spoiled anymore.

I am aware that I have posted about this before, but with the release of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, I have begun to release, in so many ways, that I no longer, want to be spoiled for experiences.

When you buy a book, you do not usually look up the ending online before you read the first page. Though some may argue that ” it is all about the experience of writing the book, instead of the actual story”, unfortunately for me honey, I read my books to get lost in a new world.

I think we all pay too much attention to what everybody else is doing, whether that is due to FOMO (fear of missing out) or conditioned sheep-like behaviour to follow what everybody else wants; thinking that is your own want. This may be a tangent, but when I see people on YouTube, basically telling you to change your life to act a certain way, I think to myself “who gives you the right to tell anyone anyway how to live their life other than themselves”. In extreme circumstances, of course it would be stupid not to utilise your influence to spread a positive message, but this constant ordering over others had become negative and annoying.

That is only if you let it become that.

We are all so bothered by what everybody else is doing, that we lose sight of what our actual lives entail. Right now, I am listening to WhiteNoise whilst my dogs look at me; begging to go on a dog walk. Instead of focussing on MY present moment, I focus on the rest of the world, such as how others are reacting to a show on Disney Plus that is just a show, or a prediction on how the series will end. I truly believe now, that going into things blind is one of the most treasured and thrilling attitudes to have. Knowing so much about pop culture community in the past can lead to expectations underwhelmed and predictions of the plot.

In many ways, I believe that individuals should be more selfish with their own personal wants. If everyone is getting the iPhone, but you really like that Samsung, then get the Samsung. You can like what you like; without choosing to care about what everyone else thinks. I understand in many situations across the globe, this can be hard or nearly impossible, but I employ you to stick to your own values as much as you can.

If you don’t, the question is asked of who is living your life; you or others

Anyway, that is my long way of saying that my friend from school? I understand why you watch things blindly, it is so much fun.

Live your life for you, not others.


Saying Goodbye

This is one of the toughest things that humans have to go through in their everyday life. Might it be to a significant other, or a job, it does not get any easier.

But sometimes, there is an appropriate time to say goodbye.

Recently, I have been playing through all of the Pokemon games again. As the fellow reader would know, I have always been attached to the franchise. I played every game, collected the cards, and enjoyed the music. It was my thing.

Then, I went to secondary school, and I started to distance myself from it unintentionally. I still kept up to date with the news, but I was not as interested as before.

Last year, it once again reaffirmed itself as important to me. It felt like a piece of me that I had been missing in my life.

So I bought all the games.

I learned the hard way that if you try to relive your nostalgia from a child, it can be incredibly saddening. Once you realise that the young you, who loved these games cannot return because you have already played them, it is sad, and can leave the games with a completionism facade.

I played the games, but did I enjoy them?

I realised this today, once completing the last game. I felt a wave of grief and sadness, that I had not explored when I was younger. The cost of growing up is that sometimes, the young child must stay with his games. I will always love the games, I don’t want to invest myself so much in just playing for the sake of it, because then I will hate it.

I will return to the franchise once I lose the no-fun-completionist attitude.

For now, I have to put the game back in its box.


Losing your school friends.

I think this is an inevitable part of growing up. Friends that you were once incredibly close with, begin to drift apart as opportunities, life experiences and emotions create an invisible wall between each other; impossible to break down with big changes to both your lifestyles.

I am writing about this, not because I have lost all of my school friends, but as I progress through my life, new friends arise, which start to be my main priority friend group; I see them all the time. The group that I once spent every day of every month has become a blur, as we all go down our own life’s journey; exploring where it will take us.

The pandemic did increase the tenacity of the seperation. Unless you make significant effort to stay in touch, it can be hard once you realise that you are drifting. Just remember that friendship is two sided; both must make the effort for it to exist.

Though our lives are no longer intertwined, I am okay with the idea of starting a new adventure. I will always be grateful for the moments I shared with those people; laughing, crying and singing our hearts out. The beauty of life is not because it lasts, but because it ends, making it precious.

Maybe, our paths will cross again in the future, but for now I am happy with change.

(I may have pulled a line from Avengers: Age of Ultron, but which one??).


We are our Memories

When I was writing in my journal this morning, an interesting thought came up that I have not recognised before.

On my laptop, there were files from when I was in school. My School Parliament documents, economics power points, and even some maths homework. It looked like my whole adolescent education experience had been saved and documented on my laptop. It was baffling, because I had not realised how much I had saved over the years.

Going through those files, felt as though I was looking back on my own life. In some of those transcripts, and action points from meetings, I could tell how much I did not want to do it. I could tell how I was feeling just through a few sentences on a screen. This was scary, but it was helpful to reconcile my position in the world today.

I think I have done a lot of growing up; as naive as it sounds. I would not be where I am today, without the struggle, the uncomfortableness and for the friends who believed in me. Like for everyone, I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be; we are always changing in life.

The message that can be gathered from this experience is it is okay to let go of your past. I did not realise how much I was holding on to the Secondary school life that I once had. Sometimes, I would wish to be transported back in time to those academic years; just to live out one more day.

The truth is, I can’t do that. I don’t think I would want to anymore because it would be too sad, and it shaped me at the time, but not now.

We are our own memories, it is good to write them down in a journal, or on a computer, because memories help create our identity.


Never Give Up


If you have an ideal you are pursuing, or are stuck on an assignment that you think will never end, I want to offer some advice.

A little hint, it is the title.

Seen it before? Almost all the entire earth’s population could say they have heard some iteration of this; to never give into the easy way of living. When the going gets tough, you must get tougher. But, when I say this to you, I do not aim to be perceived as another person, I tell this to you with the full confidence that you won’t give up.

To have someone tell you to never give up, it means that you have had some difficulty pursuing your desire. I may not know your situation, but what I know is your are smart enough to evaluate your current actions. This requires wisdom, which means you can complete your task, you just have to think of an alternative way to do it.

There are always different methods to achieve your goals, just because one way does not work, doesn’t make it impossible. We adapt and overcome to get what we desire.

We never give up. Once all methods are used, then is the time for another evaluation.

Keep going, to the very end


Start trying the things you want to do.

This can be extremely difficult, to abandon all you know and start a brand new journey down an unfamiliar road. You may be alone, or isolated on your beliefs and desires compared to your family and friends. However my friends, we have one commonality; we will be going down this road together.

I have always been fascinated by content creation and sharing my experiences. Since I was incredibly young, I have watched YouTube for over a year’s worth of content. This has started to mess with me, my progress in my life and my happiness. It is one thing to watch others being happy, but what about your own?

So, I am starting to make content on the internet, just small stuff here and there to make myself a bit happier. Due to my addiction, I have decided to take a 30-day detox from the site. Though I have discussed this on the blog before, I was a lot less committed and disciplined to follow through, this time I am.

Even if, doing your favourite thing takes up a bit of your time, you can structure your day. It is difficult to have a change of schedule, but you will be more motivated to complete your mundane tasks, so you can focus on the bigger, exciting hobbies that you love.

Most people would tell you it’s easy; just get started. I know it is difficult. Once you get going, you will be in a flow state, being able to accomplish more than you thought.

So, let’s do it.


Remember to Live

I wanted to tell all of you about the meaning of this phrase in a bit more detail, mainly what it means to me.

For the majority of my childhood, i have felt as though I have wasted my time. I preferred being inside, couped up in my bedroom online; not talking to anyone, only listening to others. By no means was it was because of a tough childhood, I just wanted to escape from reality. So I would spend, every moment of my day, watching what others had created, not realising how fast has passed me by. One minute I’m 13, watching YouTube on my Mum’s computer, now I’m 18 and I am doing that in my room. When I reflect on the timeline here, what has truly changed within me?

There is one thing, I have learned to love myself.

It’s like Marmite, you either love it or hate it; same with the phrase above. I am slowly learning how my time spent on irrelevant topics has consumed my life. I’ve probably spent more time online, than I have speaking to my parents, and that isn’t right. I should clarify, when I say online, I mean being isolated, just viewing, not communicating with others.

But, I have learned to appreciate myself just that bit more. I realise now that I should not do this to myself, and instead start pursuing something where I actively speak to others. There is a quote, that I always try to remember. “It’s good to remember death, but what is more important is remember to Live”.

I think that is something we should all account for in our lives. Remember to live, and not let life live without you in it. Disengagement is easy, but it is the worst place to be.

Live ❤


Growing Up

I may have touched on this topic before, But this evening I have realised the sad truth that I cannot act how I used to.

By now, my fellow readers would realise that I, like many of you, have been addicted to the Internet for all my life. I would spend hours online, watching and reading a whole load of bogus. This has amounted to my mind being filled with unecessary information that I do not require. It’s the sad truth, but do I really need to know a rumour that Jeffree Star slept with Kanye West? No, I didn’t think so.

This realisation means we have to cut the “fun” out of our lives, but instead, we have to moderate it. I have dreams and goals that I have not been pursuing to the maximum. That makes me sad, because I am wasting my time, and my life.

There is so much of life that I haven’t got to see yet. So many people and destinations I want to go to. I’m worried if I spend my life just stuck where I am now, nothing will change.

It’s funny. We spend so much time viewing others living the life we want to live, yet we don’t pursue it for ourselves. That is something I want to do from now. At the most heinous route, this careless attitude I have had is an act against self-love.

This is something everybody should focus on. If you do not love yourself and take care of yourself, then how can you expect yourself to take care of others?

Control yourself when it comes to acts of immediate pleasure which delegate away from the right decision. There is only so much our bodies and minds can endure before a total breakdown. As a collective and individual, we must get atop that.

Finally, on this post, I wanted to remind you all that I, am not perfect. I use this blog to explain my flaws and actions to combat them. There is the possibility that this mindset may fail, or I may slip up. That is fine, and it should not get you down, if this happens to you. I want us all to participate in a challenge I will be starting. It’s called “Deep Thought”.

For the next 30 days, I would like everyone to do these things:

  1. Find a time for mindfulness practice for at least 15 minutes
  2. Use this time to figure out what is the best action you should take next, write it down.
  3. When you come across a junction, think what is the best thing for my mind and body, choose that option. DO NOT GO FOR THE EASY OPTION!

Good luck ! 🙂


Onwards and Upwards!

I am back! This time better than ever.

I do feel a bit of guilt for abandoning this blog, but I found it was the right thing to do since all that has been happening over the past few weeks.

So, I have been studying at my university for my assignments that were due in just before Christmas. They have been lots of hard work, but I have found them to be rewarding once you hit the ” Submit” button. Before, back in Secondary school, I would not care as much when it came to homework and tasks. I would do them as soon as I got them yes, but I would not soak in the information from the tasks to apply this to my understanding. This made them pointless.

This is one of the first things i have begun to comprehend, is to Engage with your work. What i mean by this is to not only complete your homework, or tasks, but to consider “What is this telling me?”.

Let’s say for example, you are doing a maths question, focussed around pythagoras’ theorem. You answer the question. Done, easy peasy and off to relax-town. But, if you asked yourself what it was teaching you, it would become clear the task was showing you when to use it, on right-angled triangles only!

Besides the maths lesson, looking at the bigger picture should always be at the forefront of your mind. Not to the point where you overthink life entirely, but enough for you to learn the reasoning behind certain actions and tasks.

In social situations, the ‘bigger’ picture concerns the “Why” in people’s behaviour. For example, I was driving on the dual carriageway recently, and this woman was constantly beeping at me. I was driving at 70, and was following the road rules, but I couldn’t understand why she was beeping. I could easily get angry and try to react, but I thought to myself, I don’t know this woman, something may have happened in her life to make her act this way. People should be treated the way they wish to be treated, but if others fail to meet that criteria, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, remember I’m not a guru.



Good morning, afternoon or evening reader! My name is Thomas, and welcome to my blog.

This is where i will be discussing personal development, productivity and anecdotal events in my life, and what i have learnt from them.

Would love you to join on the journey!



My Life so far…

It is amazing how much you can change once you’ve stepped back from something you have pursued; given everything to make it successful. This blog, my personal document of my stories and the lessons I learnt, was my cathartic method to let how I was feeling out into the world.

As you can probably tell, I haven’t written on here in a while. It is nothing for me to be ashamed of, though I could’ve written a bit quicker, I’ve enjoyed the process of life happening, not everything has to happen on a screen.

So, here are a few things I have learnt during my time off from writing

  • You cannot change the people around you.

I had to learn this the hard way. It was in a situation with my parents. We were discussing a story about something quite powerful concerning subjects such as: race, sexual identification and orientation etc. We did not agree on a few aspects, having the naivety in my mind, I thought I would be able to change how they think so they would think like me. This is an incredible way to get slapped in the face. You cannot change people to think or feel as you do. It is impossible due to the overwhelming individuality that we all feel. In other words, we are all unique. So using passive aggressiveness and derogatory language to make someone feel bad in order to change their mind, is wrong. Life is too short to worry about other people’s thoughts, only worry how you can change your own.

  • Rules sometimes have to be broken.

I learned this quite recently once coming out of quarantine, heading back to work. Recently, one of my friends had become very depressed, to the point of suicide was plaguing their mind. One day ( because we work together) just before we close, they broke down in front of my boss and me. Obviously, with government guidelines, we are not supposed to hug and comfort others; to keep social distance. But, in this scenario, there is no choice. I would rather comfort a dear friend of mine, instead of watching them suffer alone.

  1. You don’t need to be consuming content all the time.

This lesson is only starting to be embedded in my head. With the abundance of content online, it is hard to tell yourself that you should not watch it; or need it. This is my problem with YouTube. After watching it consistently since the site began, and obsession for it began to devolve into a need for content in my life. I began to see the negative effects around me when i saw how it affected my parents when I would ignore them and keep staring at my phone. DO NOT DO THIS. Trust me, this habit is not one you want to form.

  • Before you buy something, assess all the benefits and positives before buying.

Amounting all the stuff I have bought over the years, then compare it to the stuff I actually kept, I have realised how much money I have wasted. The impulsivity that I have in my hand is terrifying. To my knowledge, there are only few things you need to have a comfortable life; technology and the latest gimmick is not one of them. So, assess all the benefits and drawbacks of a purchase before you try to buy it.

  • You shouldn’t try to change anything about yourself to please others.

The most important skill I am beginning to develop is self confidence. In scenarios where I am not the “top dog” or well known, having that self confidence in myself is really important if I am to become more open and begin to believe in myself.

So when you next look at yourself in the mirror, understand that there are always things you need to work on, but changing your personality; forcefully to adhere to others is impossible. Instead, focus on the minor changes that you can do with your habits and attitude towards buying and how you communicate with others. Be loving and caring towards others, but do not forget to love yourself. That is the only way to become the best version of you.


We are incredibly lucky to be alive

This idea has always been around, but have you ever taken the time to really crate what you have?

This idea first popped into my head yesterday. It was a busy day at work, and I was getting stressed that I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted. This included: talking because I hadn’t done a lot of it in quarantine and all the work tasks that needed to be completed. My overwhelming fear and anxiety had stopped me from progressing, in the fear that I would be judged or misinterpreted due to my actions. This disability is present in many people, it can stop us from reaching our full potential.

But then, it hit me. An immeasurable level of gratitude hit my brain. I thought “Wow, I am incredibly lucky to be alive right now.” Out of all the sperm cells and eggs, it was those specific ones that were in the right place, at the right time , to create you. All the events that have occurred in your life, if any single one event was changed, it would change your entire personality; maybe only a bit, or to a large extent.

When you look around at everyone on this planet, no matter their status, we are all lucky to be here. Even through a pandemic, where we have lost many lives and continue to do so, those who are still here are lucky to be here. I think it is time more people realise how incredible this is.

With this revelation, I find myself pushing past those boundaries and doing what scares me the most. Whether that is singing, or telling jokes in front of others, I will do it, because I get to do this. Anxiety and fear begin to subside; they never really go away, but you pay less attention to them than you usually would.

So, remember when you’re feeling low, or need a confidence booster, the fact you are on the planet right now is a blessing in disguise; make the most of it whilst you’re here


YouTube detox

A month on from my last detox, that did not go that well in all honesty. My addiction to the internet, especially YouTube, has began to spike again. I find myself watching endless streams of videos, constantly refreshing my recommended tab; waiting for the next piece to catch my eye.

This has affected my health in ways that I did not know it could. I find that my screen time has increased by a large margin. Though I watch Anime on Crunchyroll, it is not as frequent as the Google site. I am now well aware of my existence, and how I am wasting it, consuming the success of others. I keep telling myself: I am better than this, I can do more. But I am always so hesitant to do so. It is like I need to go on there to be happy.

That isn’t right, I need to find true happiness within myself, not through objects. So, for the next 30 days, YouTube is off the table. I cannot go onto it for any necessary reasons.

It is time to see how strong my self control is.


This Chapter is ending…

This might sound ominous, but I do not want it to sound this way. When I say “this chapter” I am quite literally referring to this point in my life, because many changes are around the corner, and I won’t easily be able to go back to how I am now.

I have done a lot of growing and developmental work upon myself during the time known as “self-isolation and quarantine” and I value what I have been able to get out from it. For example, I discovered who my true friends were; those who stuck in contact with me throughout the coronacrisis ( I think this is a cooler name). It reminded me that I am loved and cared by others in my life, and I don’t need to be so reclusive to others, because I am not alone in life. I used to think so, I used to live in fear of being looked down on, but I don’t think this way anymore. The only opinions that matter to me are my friends, family and myself. If I am doing something that those around me don’t approve of, if I enjoy it ( and it is sensible in retrospect) then go for it.

One of the most important lessons is one of “moments mori” or to ‘remember death’. As morbid as it sounds, it holds me to the mark; to live each day, knowing that death only draws evercloser. It isolates my fear from me, allowing me to do activities I wouldn’t even dream of.

Another key lesson I learned about myself was that I have lied to myself and others a lot in the past. Whether to make myself, or others around me feel better, I had lost touch with the identity that is ‘me’.

Finally, I have learned what I love to do. Helping people, educating others and myself and being loved is things I adore about life. I have never wanted a relationship that much, besides the failures of asking girls out and whatnot. I’m purposely seeking for the woman of my dreams, I don’t know how long it will take us to find each other, but when we do, it will become clear.

Fate will guide everything to clarity, how that happens is on you.



With what was already going on in the world, the death of George Floyd a few days ago, has added to the spark which is the blacklivesmatter movement. The public resort to riots in situations where they feel ignored, and in this case it is shown. Prejudice and discrimination is highly present in our world still. It is 2020, this should not be happening, it should never have happened in the first place.

We can all wish for it to go away, but that won’t happen without action.

Support the people. There is only one race, the human race.



100 posts!!

Can’t believe we made it. Thanks to everybody for reading, more are on the way!!! – HJT

There is this one thing I hate about influencers…

Now, this is a misleading title, as I am not talking about every influencer on the planet. This is a prime example of what I am going to be discussing here; the abuse of power.

The best place to take this is to Instagram, where you will find most of the people everyone finds interesting. You got your A-list Marvel celebrities, plus your models and Youtubers. The all post their own individual content for you; the consumer, to consume. You have no choice in what the person posts, only if you react to it at all. But what would happen if something harmful was posted?

It is crazy to believe the only thing really stopping abuse happening on the internet is a bot. You would think a person’s thought of “Maybe I shouldn’t do this, nah I will post it anyway”. Once you get to a high level of fame, many people begin to either A: Be weary what they post, or B: post whatever they can because they do not care.

Most influencers will get opportunities to support other brands through sponsorships and brand deals. Take a look at James Charles’ promotion of pills that were not his best friends; he basically lost his job for a bit and millions of people unfollowed him. Due to the social media market being volatile, brand deals will be viewed as selling out or vital to survival, most times it is both.

So, what has been annoying me? The influencers who exploit their fans to make more money off them. Not naming names, but telling fans the only way they can be like them is to pay for a £500 course, that they only put 2 hours of work in. Not only when it surprisingly does not work their new friend bails on them, but they are no further forward but lost thousands.

Now, I know people have to make money, but when you have something really cool to offer, wouldn’t it be better to shar with everyone?

I could go into a lot more detail, but let us just say the influencers who get their fans to invest into NFTs and cryptocurrencies that participants make a small profit, but the influencer earns massively from. This is smart, but cruel to your fans.

Be honest, don’t sellout as you’ll lose what you stood for.

I am sick of overthinking, and so should you!

The way my mind works, it has gone into overtime when it comes to overthinking things. It is not even the necessary areas where overthinking is beneficial, such as my University degree. It comes to things such as idolisation, technology and texting.

It will take up my free time (which there is a lot of) and has just made me unhappy.

SO! (as a pitch to anyone out there) I will document the road to stop overthinking!

I hope you join me!!

Remember to Catch Yourself

This idea incorporates the concept of meditation and self-reflection when it comes to tense moments throughout the day. You may be feeling stressed, or angry towards something, but it is important to train the body and mind to react to your own actions.

About 20 minutes ago at the time of writing, I began a conversation with my mum on the topic of moving out and treating me like an adult. Obviously, she replied in the way a parent would; expressing that they would love them to stay, and that she does not treat me like a child. I then proceed to make feeble, mean, low comments in our argument. Ultimately, I could have said something that really offended her.

Now, I have apologised and had a effective talk about my immaturity after, but I thought it was a good thing to bring up. Remember to catch yourself when you are falling into a flow state of behaviour. I didn’t realise until it was a bit too late in the argument to which some damage could have been done.

But, the positive is the noticing of my actions. I realised how stupid I was, incentivising my mum to give me an argument. It was pointless.

But, at least now I know not to do it.

Remember to catch yourself.

Re Establishing Yourself

It is the start of a new day, and there is only one thing that I want everyone listening to focus on.

“What steps will you take to make sure to get the most out of this day”.

On a personal note, this past month I have been taking the time to really reflect on what I want to do with myself, and almost grow in maturity more to fit a wider audience. I think I have reached a better round and I’m excited to be back.

So whether it is a schedule or blocking distractions, I hope you have a good day!

Why is everyone in a rush?

I feel as though everywhere I go, people are always in a rush to do the next thing. When I am driving on the road for example, drivers are so quick to ignore road safety for the convenience of getting somewhere just that bit quicker. I can understand for some reasons, such as being late for work, but if that is the case it is better that you face the consequences whilst arriving safely.

In life, what I have always wanted to do was to grow up quicker. Now that I am turning 19, I realise that I was wrong. Growing up is not an age, it is a mindset. I am already quite mature for my age, but wishing the time away has only resulted in negatives. We are each in control in how we present ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we have to rush our lives. Taking things slower, being more intentional with our actions, is the solution to solving the equation of life. If you are continuously rushing through your life, then are you living it?


For the past week or so, I have taken the week off of blogging and all my projects to focus on pointless meaningless things such as playing very dumb games and doing my University work. Well University is not meaningless, but I find as though I am trying to grow up too fast, like my own life is trying to pass me by.

A lot of things have been changing for me. I finally starting working out intentionally and properly, compared to the half-assed method I have been using for the past 2 and a half years. I feel great, and it is made me realise what I have been missing.

Back in September, when I felt at my lowest low, I made a promise to myself that I would improve my life. Moving away from my issues was helpful, but besides that I had not changed. When I was skipping the other night, I realised that this was the first step to climbing the ladder to becoming better.

One of my favourite Haikyu lines comes to mind when I think about this. It goes “He who climbs the ladder, must start at the bottom”. This line is so meaningful, so much so that it is indescribable.

As I grow into adulthood, I realise that no adult has any idea what is going on, they are just going with whatever is happening. I notice this when I aspire to be an adult; what is what I aspire?

It is good to aspire to ideals and goals, but don’t attach yourself to them and think everything else is perfect. Work on all areas of yourself before you work on others.

This was a ramble, but it was important to get it off my chest. Have a great day!

You don’t have to pursue dreams others dreamt for you.

I think with all our limited time here on this earth, it has become abundantly clear that we will not have the capacity to go after all that we want in our life. It is just a matter of fact; that is hard to digest for many.

I think, for many people, we were always swayed to go on a certain career path since we were younger. A lot of us would be handed a job to obtain on a silver plate once we showed one ounce of being good at something. For me, I was very good with construction and building things independently. Therefore, I might have been suited to an engineering job. The future is uncertain, so maybe I will still pursue this job, but it became apparent to me that I have the will to choose my own destiny. That may sound very fluffy and almost cringe-worthy, but it is the truth.

We each have the capacity to move our lives to an ideal that we want to strive for. If I wanted to invest more of my time into cooking, I would change my life to focus more around this. Greek Philosophers figured this out years ago; if you have a problem, do not settle and look for a solution; they always exist.

People who remain in situations that don’t bring them joy is difficult to break. With so much toxicity and terrible people, it can be hard to break out of those situations. But, it is not impossible, because the chance that got you in that situation is still there to get you out. Think of it like a Ctrl Z button.

Things can change, you can change. You don’t have to live your life to something you don’t like. You don’t have to pursue dreams others dreamt for you

Say Thank You.

Embracing our gratitude for other people’s actions has always been a key principle in many peoples’ lives. For me, it comes and goes the level of which I am grateful for others. Sometimes, I will feel an abundance of happiness and gratitude for those around me, sometimes I don’t represent it enough.

But today, I was reminded of what great things others do for me.

When I was learning to drive; last year, I was being taught by this elderly man who had been a professional for decades. He was always extremely kind and would go out of his way to help others; definitely made me feel confident and focused with my driving.

Besides all of the progression in the course, we would have these in depth conversations about all topics. It was one of the reasons I wanted to study psychology; to have the ability to have conversations, which I feel as though the world is losing.

That man’s kindness and care for others, even if he was not being paid for it, has stayed with me and forever will. I messaged him today to see how he was doing, and he still hasn’t changed.

For people like this in your life, say thank you ❤

You Don’t know how strong you are.

One issue that i find many people globally have is the art of self deprecation. It needs no explanation, as I believe most are aware of how harmful it can be. Recently I was thinking to myself that I was not good enough, I was unable to complete my required tasks because “I was not good enough” to produce a high quality results. Once I realized I was doing this to myself, I had to take a step back with how harsh I was being to myself. Why am I allowing myself to discredit myself like this?

Being negative is very easy in this era because we are subjected to negativity in the media everyday. It is a tough world, and many choose to view it as such. But, the simple ideal of think positive has never been so powerful.

Positivity and self love is difficult to obtain for oneself. I have struggled with this throughout my life.

Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not everyone else

Think about how much you have overcome just to get to here, you are so strong for making it this far.

Your body is your one and only, take care of it.

If you realise how strong you are, then you will know why you must keep going. We only get one life, live it.