Never Give Up


If you have an ideal you are pursuing, or are stuck on an assignment that you think will never end, I want to offer some advice.

A little hint, it is the title.

Seen it before? Almost all the entire earth’s population could say they have heard some iteration of this; to never give into the easy way of living. When the going gets tough, you must get tougher. But, when I say this to you, I do not aim to be perceived as another person, I tell this to you with the full confidence that you won’t give up.

To have someone tell you to never give up, it means that you have had some difficulty pursuing your desire. I may not know your situation, but what I know is your are smart enough to evaluate your current actions. This requires wisdom, which means you can complete your task, you just have to think of an alternative way to do it.

There are always different methods to achieve your goals, just because one way does not work, doesn’t make it impossible. We adapt and overcome to get what we desire.

We never give up. Once all methods are used, then is the time for another evaluation.

Keep going, to the very end

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