Say Thank You.

Embracing our gratitude for other people’s actions has always been a key principle in many peoples’ lives. For me, it comes and goes the level of which I am grateful for others. Sometimes, I will feel an abundance of happiness and gratitude for those around me, sometimes I don’t represent it enough.

But today, I was reminded of what great things others do for me.

When I was learning to drive; last year, I was being taught by this elderly man who had been a professional for decades. He was always extremely kind and would go out of his way to help others; definitely made me feel confident and focused with my driving.

Besides all of the progression in the course, we would have these in depth conversations about all topics. It was one of the reasons I wanted to study psychology; to have the ability to have conversations, which I feel as though the world is losing.

That man’s kindness and care for others, even if he was not being paid for it, has stayed with me and forever will. I messaged him today to see how he was doing, and he still hasn’t changed.

For people like this in your life, say thank you ❤

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