Moving away from Home

The day this happens, is one of the most daunting, exciting and anxiety-inducing that you will experience in your life. When you move out from your home, for the first time, it is a big event.

This happened for me over a month ago, when moving to University. The car was rammed with chopping boards, food and kitchen accessories ( not excluding clothes!). Coming from someone who likes to live with less, i was overwhelmed by how much i was taking with me on this journey. This is a key point: Control your stress. I have this bad habit, when i get overloaded; usually when having things, do not take this out on others. This feeling will pass, but your actions last forever. Though nothing big occurred, it is clear to me now in hindsight, don’t be a dick.

Another key point: Take into consideration how others feel. The day of the move, my parents came down with me to help get everything sorted. My anxiety had never been so high, unfortunately it overtook my mind. I was unable to understand how my parents were feeling about the situation. I thought they would be fine, almost better off without me. This isn’t the case. Understanding how others feel is important to developing as a person, making you more likable.

When it came to saying farewell, it was emotional and hard. I understand that it was necessary for me to just go in and get settled, but i didn’t want to let go. But, the hardest moments is when you know change is needed. In this case, the change was necessary.

Once i had settled in, the situation improved and i felt so much calmer. What i learned from this day was to go for what scares you. Whether this be a lifestyle change, or a new career, if there is an opportunity for you to do something, your gut is telling you but you are being held back by fear, just do it.

Now, that was a mouthful, but seriously try it!

Good morning, afternoon or evening reader! My name is Thomas, and welcome to my blog.

This is where i will be discussing personal development, productivity and anecdotal events in my life, and what i have learnt from them.

Would love you to join on the journey!


Everybody is on their phones too much

This is a topic that I have been overlooking and observing for the past few months. After a clear example of what I am feeling, it seems poignant that I express my view on my site.

Everybody is on their phones too much.
For example, when I was on a dog walk today, there was two people. One, who was on the phone to their friend whilst walking their dog, ignoring their pet who only wants their attention to through their ball. They were texting just before I saw them, but it was clear that they were hooked on their phone.

Then there is the other person, me. I was walking with my dog; playing fetch and having fun. The other dog came over to play with us, the owner came to get her and apologised for the intrusion, claiming the dog was “annoying”. It is clear to me now where the owner’s care lies, and it is definitely not with the dog.

The realisation of how my generation has increasingly become attached to our phones has stifled me into a new way of life. I used to spend all my time on my phone. Ironically, I am writing this blog post on my phone, but I feel it is right to do so, because there is no alternative.

Our phones are a treasure and a curse. They give us many benefits, but also have the ability to absorb us away from what’s important.

Recently, I’ve stopped plugging music into my ears when I am out and about (besides workouts) and I have found so many benefits. For example, I feel as though I am more in touch with my surroundings, than ever before. I enjoy nature so much now and before I was so glued down to my phone, that I never looked up.

My m

My Life so far…

It is amazing how much you can change once you’ve stepped back from something you have pursued; given everything to make it successful. This blog, my personal document of my stories and the lessons I learnt, was my cathartic method to let how I was feeling out into the world.

As you can probably tell, I haven’t written on here in a while. It is nothing for me to be ashamed of, though I could’ve written a bit quicker, I’ve enjoyed the process of life happening, not everything has to happen on a screen.

So, here are a few things I have learnt during my time off from writing

  • You cannot change the people around you.

I had to learn this the hard way. It was in a situation with my parents. We were discussing a story about something quite powerful concerning subjects such as: race, sexual identification and orientation etc. We did not agree on a few aspects, having the naivety in my mind, I thought I would be able to change how they think so they would think like me. This is an incredible way to get slapped in the face. You cannot change people to think or feel as you do. It is impossible due to the overwhelming individuality that we all feel. In other words, we are all unique. So using passive aggressiveness and derogatory language to make someone feel bad in order to change their mind, is wrong. Life is too short to worry about other people’s thoughts, only worry how you can change your own.

  • Rules sometimes have to be broken.

I learned this quite recently once coming out of quarantine, heading back to work. Recently, one of my friends had become very depressed, to the point of suicide was plaguing their mind. One day ( because we work together) just before we close, they broke down in front of my boss and me. Obviously, with government guidelines, we are not supposed to hug and comfort others; to keep social distance. But, in this scenario, there is no choice. I would rather comfort a dear friend of mine, instead of watching them suffer alone.

  1. You don’t need to be consuming content all the time.

This lesson is only starting to be embedded in my head. With the abundance of content online, it is hard to tell yourself that you should not watch it; or need it. This is my problem with YouTube. After watching it consistently since the site began, and obsession for it began to devolve into a need for content in my life. I began to see the negative effects around me when i saw how it affected my parents when I would ignore them and keep staring at my phone. DO NOT DO THIS. Trust me, this habit is not one you want to form.

  • Before you buy something, assess all the benefits and positives before buying.

Amounting all the stuff I have bought over the years, then compare it to the stuff I actually kept, I have realised how much money I have wasted. The impulsivity that I have in my hand is terrifying. To my knowledge, there are only few things you need to have a comfortable life; technology and the latest gimmick is not one of them. So, assess all the benefits and drawbacks of a purchase before you try to buy it.

  • You shouldn’t try to change anything about yourself to please others.

The most important skill I am beginning to develop is self confidence. In scenarios where I am not the “top dog” or well known, having that self confidence in myself is really important if I am to become more open and begin to believe in myself.

So when you next look at yourself in the mirror, understand that there are always things you need to work on, but changing your personality; forcefully to adhere to others is impossible. Instead, focus on the minor changes that you can do with your habits and attitude towards buying and how you communicate with others. Be loving and caring towards others, but do not forget to love yourself. That is the only way to become the best version of you.

The world is a bit crazy isn’t it?

With the whole world blowing up with all sorts of issues, i thought i would say something about life, to help us through these times.

I have started to think of my life as sort of a video game. Where i am playing as a character (myself) and have to progress through all levels to finish it. I like to think of it this way because i enjoy seeing different events as levels. It makes hopeless scenarios impossible; there are always solutions. It also makes life fun. As i am playing as myself, i realise how much i am in control of my destiny.

I am the only one who can get the “good ending” in my game…

I am starting to feel lonely…

This feeling was inevitable. The long term effects of quarantine and self isolation have shown to increase the feeling of loneliness. Where you feel so isolated in your everyday life, you don’t actively go out to interact with others.

This feeling began to spur within me when I started to notice the interactions I would have with my friends. The majority of the time, it would be me who started the conversations; and made efforts to keep it going. Upon my time offline, a very small amount of people had tried to communicate with me, whereas others ;who I had been speaking to for a while, tried nothing. It was a dissatisfied feeling, but I began to negotiate within myself why some may not have tried to contact. They may of had an incident happen in their life where priorities were changed, or something of more importance. It sounds like a childish excuse, but that is what I am; a 17 year old stuck at home in quarantine.

I have always struggled to make friends; to be consistent in connection with another is incredibly difficult for me to do, because I neglected my self-love for myself. I did not see myself as worthy of having friends, because I thought of myself as a horrible person. Now, after a lot of self development work, I am trying to change that opinion.

Anyway, back to my story. The global pandemic which we all are aware of has changed the lives of many. But, one of the key contenders in change has been the rise in psychological health issues. It isn’t surprising, when you’re stuck inside all the time, all you have is your thoughts as your comfort.

So, I have began to turn to the work of stoicism, in particular the message of controlling your emotions. If you let your emotions take hold of you, it is difficult to be logical and focussed. But, if you are aware of how you are feeling and control this, then you will be able to distribute your feelings in a comprehensible way for others (But, it is still a good idea to release your emotions once in a while).

What do I mean by this? Accept how you feel and do something about it. Don’t be irrational, take control and take action.

What will I do from now on?

Stop second guessing myself

Start to communicate with my friends how I feel

Begin to accept that I cannot change anyone

Understand that I am in control of my own life, and I can change myself into the best version possible

Have a great day! 🙂

My Truth.

I have taken this time away from my blog, to reflect on myself ,and how I portray myself online. surprisingly, I was shocked to see how much I didn’t know about myself, and how I think. So, I thought I would use this post to update the audience ( and myself) on some key information about myself.

  1. I am the most impulsive buyer I know.

When It comes to stuff I buy online, I like to think that I am careful with my money, and I don’t buy stupid stuff that I don’t need. This is what I like to think, the truth is very different. In the past, I have surcome to the odd gimmick on amazon, which makes me think ” oo! if I buy that, it will change my life forever”. Guess what it did change my life, it made me poorer.

2. I have (had) an addiction to buying and selling my stuff.

This is one of the most stupid phases I went through in my life. I would buy something I like, such as an Apple product or something I saw someone else have just to say I had it. I have had 5 Apple watches in total, 2 of which were the same series. I once had 3 phones, as well as my regular phone; just in case I wanted to change. Upon writing this down, I realise how stupid this is, I can’t believe I did this. But, it did teach me something, buy something when you really want it, and won’t get rid of it immediately. Also, if you bought something, and you don’t have it anymore, you probably don’t need it.

3. I am not a minimalist

Well, not in the way that you are thinking. For the past year, I tried to simplify my life, cutting down on things I didn’t need in my life. But, I soon realised, that I was extremely unhappy due to this. You see, I have a grudge when it comes to unorganised spaces. Call it mild OCD, or whatever, regardless I couldn’t stand it. I kept trying to compare myself to people online, such as Matt D’avella, Martin Boeme and Kraig Adams. They were happy, so why wasn’t I? I did the process of decluttering wrong; it took me too long to notice. I am a minimalist, in I appreciate the little things, and don’t consume too much of what I don’t care about. However, I have a better grasp on it, and I am happier for it.

4. I second guess myself all the time

Every damn day, I always second guess myself on what I am doing.

” Ah, I shouldn’t say that in case it gives a bad impression of me”

“Maybe I should go this way, but what if we get lost?”

“But what if, I should do this, but, but but….”

I can never be certain in myself, and trust my own intuition. Constantly, I compare myself to others to make sure I am making the right decisions. But this should not be the case anymore. I should be able to make my own decisions and do what I want, not what everybody else is doing.

5. I am a human.

Everybody makes mistakes, everybody is imperfect, and that is beautiful.

Rainy days

Today, it was raining quite a bit, and i thought i would use this time to explain why i love them so much. Clearly, lots of people have enjoyed the sun and the heat in the UK summer. Everywhere i go, the majority of people have tans and sunburns. It is great, however, the rain has many benefits as well.

For one, the rain has an amazing ability to cleanse the atmosphere of the heat. Coming from someone who suffers from hayfever, there is nothing i like more in the summertime than fresh air, that does not cause me to sneeze every two seconds.

Sigh, the truth is i wasn’t too sure about what to write about today. I have been writing so much recently, and i feel as though my creative spark has declined to a minimum. What is the point in doing something, when you have no ambition to do it. I can tell you, it sucks. Moreover, i have not been listening to my own advice. In this blog, i have spoken about following your passions, and taking a break when things get unenjoyable; which is not what i have been doing.

With everything that has been going on recently, i have realised how much the news has affected my mental health again. THe consistent flow of negativity has an impact on how you percieve things, such as the kindness of those around you. I need to be better when it comes to subjects such as this, so i will not be posting for a while. This is to let myself and my mind reinfigure itself, so i will come back better than ever.

See you later!!!

Birds and nature

Today, i was going to blog simply about getting outside in the morning to get some healthy vitamin d to start the day off right, but then something caught my eye. On the top of my window frame, a coal tit landed on the top, and began to sit there and eat. I thought it was astonishing, how this little creature has the capactity to fly at tenacious speeds, and then sit on top of my window like it was nothing. It was amazing!

I have never really studied birds. It was my uncle who first introduced the passionate admiration for these creatures. When we ( my sister and i) were younger, we would go on trips to go see different, rare species of birds. I did not appreciate it then, but i do now. Birds are awesome, and i am going to spend time learning all about them.

Moreover on the subject of nature, it is a breathtaking thing. When the sun rises and brightens anything and everything in its path, that is pure beauty and serenity. However, we take it all for granted now our lives are based indoors. Going out for a walk nad embracing the warm summers and cold winters is a luxury. We do not understand as a collective, that it can be taken away from us.

We know we are going to die someday, but we live like we are not. I am not going to tell you to abandon your office job, but i do suggest we change the way we work. Get outside, appreciate the fresh air and life. We do not have it forever.

Have an amazing day 🙂

We are incredibly lucky to be alive

This idea has always been around, but have you ever taken the time to really crate what you have?

This idea first popped into my head yesterday. It was a busy day at work, and I was getting stressed that I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted. This included: talking because I hadn’t done a lot of it in quarantine and all the work tasks that needed to be completed. My overwhelming fear and anxiety had stopped me from progressing, in the fear that I would be judged or misinterpreted due to my actions. This disability is present in many people, it can stop us from reaching our full potential.

But then, it hit me. An immeasurable level of gratitude hit my brain. I thought “Wow, I am incredibly lucky to be alive right now.” Out of all the sperm cells and eggs, it was those specific ones that were in the right place, at the right time , to create you. All the events that have occurred in your life, if any single one event was changed, it would change your entire personality; maybe only a bit, or to a large extent.

When you look around at everyone on this planet, no matter their status, we are all lucky to be here. Even through a pandemic, where we have lost many lives and continue to do so, those who are still here are lucky to be here. I think it is time more people realise how incredible this is.

With this revelation, I find myself pushing past those boundaries and doing what scares me the most. Whether that is singing, or telling jokes in front of others, I will do it, because I get to do this. Anxiety and fear begin to subside; they never really go away, but you pay less attention to them than you usually would.

So, remember when you’re feeling low, or need a confidence booster, the fact you are on the planet right now is a blessing in disguise; make the most of it whilst you’re here