Think Twice

So often in our lifetimes, do we jump into something headfirst; disregarding any chance for thought for anything other than just to fulfil our immediate need.

Take me for example. I was going to spend 400 pounds today to upgrade to a phone that I don’t even need. What was insane to me, was how close I came to doing it.

Many will argue that it is easy to not give into your temptations, to just not do it. But I tell you as an actual honest individual, it is hard not to buy new things. We see it as our value; what we own is who we are. People disagree with this statement regularly, though they go out and buy the latest iPhone the next day. Our lives are hilarious in the most interesting way possible, but only we have the power to change our beliefs.

Accepting it is a problem is one of the first steps. Once we clarify within ourselves, whatever we are doing, we must think twice before deciding if it is a good decision.

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