Are our lives a simulation? Here is the answer?

I have discovered the most plain and simple answer to whether our lives are a simulated reality, based on a base reality created by a higher power. It may be disappointing and shocking to some, but for others this answer will make same.

Who cares? Does it matter?

This is underwhelming for the theorists who spend tireless hours pondering over this question. I myself have dabbled in this concept of simulated reality, but when it comes to the truth; what difference does it make whether we are in one or not.

The idea for this blog came up after viewing the first few episodes of the show: WandaVision on Disney Plus. This is where two avengers (Wanda and Vision) are in a sitcom show; aging every day through the decades of TV. This was supposedly created by Wanda, so that she could live the dream live with her “husband” Vision, who died in Marvel’s Avenger’s Infinity war 3 years ago. It is no surprise that this show is incredibly popular ( not to mention being released in quarantine) but the idea is so trivial, anyone would begin to ponder.

This theme also pays homage to “The Truman Show” staring Jim Carey who slowly uncovers that his entire life has been filmed as a TV show; everyone he knows and loves are fake; actors who are paid to create the scenario.

Due to the film, the concept of simulated reality became a possibility, Elon Musk and the US government have said that some areas of our life are simulated by our emotions. If you want a clear cut answer, that is the closest you’re going to get.

So what if it is? So what if it isn’t. Our lives are still our own. We are still in control of our actions and where we go to. You won’t wake up tomorrow, being able to fly. Stay in the moment, appreciate it and realise that THIS is your life, no matter what.

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