Live like a Pro.

What I want to keep in mind, when completing a task, or just living , remember to be living your best self.

Why? It may seem obvious, but acting like a professional has many benefits to how you perceive yourself to be.

Take for example, studying for an exam. Going in with the mindset that I am a professional, the outcomes are likely to be higher. You’ll be less likely to procrastinate, and more likely to be productive.

So, what I try to do now, is to go in with that mindset with everything. What would a professional do here?

There can be a problem with this mindset though. You might be subject to a case of imposter theory. You should be acting like a pro, but you’re not one yet. This can mess with your head a little bit, but if you can control it, with the ambition that though many things are under control, some things are just in your head. This imposter theory is difficult to tackle, but with a little bit of work, you can overcome it.

Go out there, give it a go, be a professional in all you do. Even they take breaks :).

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