Keep Going

Within myself, I have began to notice how much I give up on everything that I do. Once something gets a little difficult, I kick back and leave it because I don’t want to deal with it.

This thought has been torturing my mind for the past few days, and it’s time to share it.

If I am lifting weights, or I am studying for a test, as soon as it gets difficult, I immediately want to quit, or stop whatever I was doing to do something easier. It is a curse of the human race; we like to be lazy. I try to convince myself that I am being productive, but I am doing everything but.

Revising for exams? Nah I’ll watch a documentary, it is still engaging my brain. Though this is correct, it is avoiding the important work that needs to be done. No matter how you argue it, the basics is that you are procrastinating your desired work.

That’s another thing, desire and want are two different things. I may desire to be successful, but I don’t want it enough yet to go for it one hundred percent. I should just go for it, but I hold myself back, for reasons of fear and uncomfortableness. But, you have to break this pseudo-life. Things will not stay this way forever, and you need to adapt and overcome obstacles to be better.

I’m not sure if I am the only one who does this. But sometimes I will be doing something, and then my mind will tell me “Wait! This isn’t what [someone] said to do, and they are successful and happy, what are you doing, don’t do it”.

I think that bubble needs to be busted. Self-help and idols are good for one thing, but when it becomes an obsession over them, you lose trace of yourself and your ideals.

I have been living by others for so long, I must live by myself onwards.

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