Christmas Time

Ah the holiday season. A time for celebration, joy and togetherness. Though this year will be different , I wanted to write about one of my favourite memories at this time of year. I hope you enjoy.

So it was Christmas morning, in a small house on a weird street. I was living in a very small bedroom, about the same size as a cubicle, or a double bed. This Christmas was special, because there was only one thing that I wanted. A metallic red 3DS. It had only just come out that year, but I knew that I wanted one, because then I could play the newest Pokemon game on it.

Anyway, I came downstairs with my Mum and Sister at around 6:30 in the morning , presents everywhere under the Christmas tree. It was so pretty and exciting. I saw one present that was labelled for me, drowning myself in excitement. I begged my mum to open it, and it said it was from Father Christmas. Lo and behold, it was the 3DS I had asked for. I was so happy.

I think I am happier looking back on it now, because I realise how much it really meant to me. If you know the truth 😉 then you’ll understand that my family did not have that much money at the time. It was just my mum, working a job to support both of her kids. Father Christmas would’ve had to use all their money just to get this one gift. With that in mind, a new sense of appreciation is washed over me, to be grateful for what you have, and not expect any more than you are likely to recieve.

This year, I have found it more important to be giving to others, spending more time and money on other people and those who deserve it. Like Father Christmas, I don’t have much money, but of what I can use, I would like it to go to something more deserving and beneficial than myself.

I already have everything I need, but there are those out there who do not. We should look after those people more.

That was the best Christmas ever though, I can’t thank Father Christmas enough.

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