Moving away from Home

The day this happens, is one of the most daunting, exciting and anxiety-inducing that you will experience in your life. When you move out from your home, for the first time, it is a big event.

This happened for me over a month ago, when moving to University. The car was rammed with chopping boards, food and kitchen accessories ( not excluding clothes!). Coming from someone who likes to live with less, i was overwhelmed by how much i was taking with me on this journey. This is a key point: Control your stress. I have this bad habit, when i get overloaded; usually when having things, do not take this out on others. This feeling will pass, but your actions last forever. Though nothing big occurred, it is clear to me now in hindsight, don’t be a dick.

Another key point: Take into consideration how others feel. The day of the move, my parents came down with me to help get everything sorted. My anxiety had never been so high, unfortunately it overtook my mind. I was unable to understand how my parents were feeling about the situation. I thought they would be fine, almost better off without me. This isn’t the case. Understanding how others feel is important to developing as a person, making you more likable.

When it came to saying farewell, it was emotional and hard. I understand that it was necessary for me to just go in and get settled, but i didn’t want to let go. But, the hardest moments is when you know change is needed. In this case, the change was necessary.

Once i had settled in, the situation improved and i felt so much calmer. What i learned from this day was to go for what scares you. Whether this be a lifestyle change, or a new career, if there is an opportunity for you to do something, your gut is telling you but you are being held back by fear, just do it.

Now, that was a mouthful, but seriously try it!

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