Everybody is on their phones too much

This is a topic that I have been overlooking and observing for the past few months. After a clear example of what I am feeling, it seems poignant that I express my view on my site.

Everybody is on their phones too much.
For example, when I was on a dog walk today, there was two people. One, who was on the phone to their friend whilst walking their dog, ignoring their pet who only wants their attention to through their ball. They were texting just before I saw them, but it was clear that they were hooked on their phone.

Then there is the other person, me. I was walking with my dog; playing fetch and having fun. The other dog came over to play with us, the owner came to get her and apologised for the intrusion, claiming the dog was “annoying”. It is clear to me now where the owner’s care lies, and it is definitely not with the dog.

The realisation of how my generation has increasingly become attached to our phones has stifled me into a new way of life. I used to spend all my time on my phone. Ironically, I am writing this blog post on my phone, but I feel it is right to do so, because there is no alternative.

Our phones are a treasure and a curse. They give us many benefits, but also have the ability to absorb us away from what’s important.

Recently, I’ve stopped plugging music into my ears when I am out and about (besides workouts) and I have found so many benefits. For example, I feel as though I am more in touch with my surroundings, than ever before. I enjoy nature so much now and before I was so glued down to my phone, that I never looked up.

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