I am starting to feel lonely…

This feeling was inevitable. The long term effects of quarantine and self isolation have shown to increase the feeling of loneliness. Where you feel so isolated in your everyday life, you don’t actively go out to interact with others.

This feeling began to spur within me when I started to notice the interactions I would have with my friends. The majority of the time, it would be me who started the conversations; and made efforts to keep it going. Upon my time offline, a very small amount of people had tried to communicate with me, whereas others ;who I had been speaking to for a while, tried nothing. It was a dissatisfied feeling, but I began to negotiate within myself why some may not have tried to contact. They may of had an incident happen in their life where priorities were changed, or something of more importance. It sounds like a childish excuse, but that is what I am; a 17 year old stuck at home in quarantine.

I have always struggled to make friends; to be consistent in connection with another is incredibly difficult for me to do, because I neglected my self-love for myself. I did not see myself as worthy of having friends, because I thought of myself as a horrible person. Now, after a lot of self development work, I am trying to change that opinion.

Anyway, back to my story. The global pandemic which we all are aware of has changed the lives of many. But, one of the key contenders in change has been the rise in psychological health issues. It isn’t surprising, when you’re stuck inside all the time, all you have is your thoughts as your comfort.

So, I have began to turn to the work of stoicism, in particular the message of controlling your emotions. If you let your emotions take hold of you, it is difficult to be logical and focussed. But, if you are aware of how you are feeling and control this, then you will be able to distribute your feelings in a comprehensible way for others (But, it is still a good idea to release your emotions once in a while).

What do I mean by this? Accept how you feel and do something about it. Don’t be irrational, take control and take action.

What will I do from now on?

Stop second guessing myself

Start to communicate with my friends how I feel

Begin to accept that I cannot change anyone

Understand that I am in control of my own life, and I can change myself into the best version possible

Have a great day! 🙂

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