I have taken this time away from my blog, to reflect on myself ,and how I portray myself online. surprisingly, I was shocked to see how much I didn’t know about myself, and how I think. So, I thought I would use this post to update the audience ( and myself) on some key information about myself.

  1. I am the most impulsive buyer I know.

When It comes to stuff I buy online, I like to think that I am careful with my money, and I don’t buy stupid stuff that I don’t need. This is what I like to think, the truth is very different. In the past, I have surcome to the odd gimmick on amazon, which makes me think ” oo! if I buy that, it will change my life forever”. Guess what it did change my life, it made me poorer.

2. I have (had) an addiction to buying and selling my stuff.

This is one of the most stupid phases I went through in my life. I would buy something I like, such as an Apple product or something I saw someone else have just to say I had it. I have had 5 Apple watches in total, 2 of which were the same series. I once had 3 phones, as well as my regular phone; just in case I wanted to change. Upon writing this down, I realise how stupid this is, I can’t believe I did this. But, it did teach me something, buy something when you really want it, and won’t get rid of it immediately. Also, if you bought something, and you don’t have it anymore, you probably don’t need it.

3. I am not a minimalist

Well, not in the way that you are thinking. For the past year, I tried to simplify my life, cutting down on things I didn’t need in my life. But, I soon realised, that I was extremely unhappy due to this. You see, I have a grudge when it comes to unorganised spaces. Call it mild OCD, or whatever, regardless I couldn’t stand it. I kept trying to compare myself to people online, such as Matt D’avella, Martin Boeme and Kraig Adams. They were happy, so why wasn’t I? I did the process of decluttering wrong; it took me too long to notice. I am a minimalist, in I appreciate the little things, and don’t consume too much of what I don’t care about. However, I have a better grasp on it, and I am happier for it.

4. I second guess myself all the time

Every damn day, I always second guess myself on what I am doing.

” Ah, I shouldn’t say that in case it gives a bad impression of me”

“Maybe I should go this way, but what if we get lost?”

“But what if, I should do this, but, but but….”

I can never be certain in myself, and trust my own intuition. Constantly, I compare myself to others to make sure I am making the right decisions. But this should not be the case anymore. I should be able to make my own decisions and do what I want, not what everybody else is doing.

5. I am a human.

Everybody makes mistakes, everybody is imperfect, and that is beautiful.

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