Today, it was raining quite a bit, and i thought i would use this time to explain why i love them so much. Clearly, lots of people have enjoyed the sun and the heat in the UK summer. Everywhere i go, the majority of people have tans and sunburns. It is great, however, the rain has many benefits as well.

For one, the rain has an amazing ability to cleanse the atmosphere of the heat. Coming from someone who suffers from hayfever, there is nothing i like more in the summertime than fresh air, that does not cause me to sneeze every two seconds.

Sigh, the truth is i wasn’t too sure about what to write about today. I have been writing so much recently, and i feel as though my creative spark has declined to a minimum. What is the point in doing something, when you have no ambition to do it. I can tell you, it sucks. Moreover, i have not been listening to my own advice. In this blog, i have spoken about following your passions, and taking a break when things get unenjoyable; which is not what i have been doing.

With everything that has been going on recently, i have realised how much the news has affected my mental health again. THe consistent flow of negativity has an impact on how you percieve things, such as the kindness of those around you. I need to be better when it comes to subjects such as this, so i will not be posting for a while. This is to let myself and my mind reinfigure itself, so i will come back better than ever.

See you later!!!

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