Feedback on my last post

This is just a short update, but i wanted to go into detail about the feedback from my last post. It has been viewed many times, and has led to me reevaluating the future of this blog.

In the beginning, i used this blog to make productivity posts, and how to improve your life. I realise now this is not the case entirely any more. I want this blog to allow me to write more about my life. This isn’t just because of selfishness, but it is due to me wanting to elaborate more on my life, then apply that to advising you, the viewers.

I truly love this blog, but i want it to be a document for what has happened in my life. So, when i am older, i can look back on what i accomplished here, and smile.

Memories are everything, this blog will keep them alive forever.

Have a great day! Happy Independence day!

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