Ironically, I am writing a blog today to discuss about what happens when I have no idea what to write. Confusing right? But here me out.

When you come to the days, where your ideas and goals are not consistently growing as usual, those can be the best days. For example, if you are a writer, and you don’t know what to write about, it gives you time to think about reevaluating your methods, and your solutions to problems.

Days like today for me are a perfect example. I write my blog ideas that come into my mind easily. I get excited and I get going. But, if I don’t have an idea to write, I start to panic and trouble occurs. I see writing as a daily habit, that I have to accomplish in order to consider the day a success. This then gets me agitated and upset, and I get really down in my mind.

That’s it though, it’s mindset that controls you. If I am able to say “guess I can’t think of something to write today, okay I will give this a break today and I will go do something just as important to call a day a success”.

Don’t let your passions become obligations. Take a break when you can. Keep it interesting and fun. Mindset is key

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