I know i have just written a review on another anime, but i couldn’t help myself. This story is just one of the best things i have ever seen. Anohana is a coming-of-age story, which hit me like nothing has ever done before.

This is a story about 6 friends, who were very close when they were younger. But after one of them tragically died, they each retreated from one another. Now, after 5 years, the girl who died, Menma, has returned to one of the main protagonists, Gin-kin, with the task of fulfilling menma’s last wish. It can only be fulfilled with all of the group together.

This phenomenal story follows the stages of grief, denial, total isolation and depression, but the inclusion of the light hearted, kind character Menma, makes the show more enjoyable.

All aspects of the show were interesting; no filler or unnecessary storylines. Everything was important to the main story. Each character’s struggles were a result of their survival guilt, which needed to be resolved by coming together as a group.

This anime showed the importance of letting your emotions show. As we grow, we are told to toughen up, be a man or an adult; repeatedly we are told. Our lives are only short, life goes on no matter what.

This anime has changed me, more than what I can type. Be more in touch with yourself , show your emotions in a healthy way, you will feel better afterwards.

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