I am writing this from my bed, at 5:20 in the morning because this idea has popped into my head, also because I won’t be able to get back to sleep afterwards. I am awake, and ready to tackle the day.

Why talk about early mornings again? The first time I covered it, I was deeply into my productivity mindset when it came to writing this blog. Everything had to be about how to make your life more productive, so you can accomplish more and be happier. But, some things I do, it is for myself and not my work.

I get up early in the mornings because I like to. There is nothing better than taking your dog for a walk, whilst the rest of the world is asleep. The sun is shining, and the world seems much more at peace than it does when you enter the busy day.

Waking up early has taught me to make time to appreciate the beauty in the sunrise. Starting off, getting outside to get some exercise will fuel me undoubtedly.

Everybody has different chronotypes. If yours means you stay up later, then so be it. Just once in a while, make time for an early start, if will change your attitude for the better.

My dogs nagging me to walk now, going to go! Carpe diem!

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