Sunday, October 7th.

Robert, the tall, lanky teenager, was strolling with his dog on their favourite walk. The menacing hills located by the sea was a spectacle to see. Rob seized the early mornings to take the opportunity to walk up these pillars, to get a slap of fresh air from the blue horizon.

On this day, he wanted to walk alone. The dog had not been feeling well, and Robert had just broken up with his girlfriend. He needed distance; time to be alone. He slowly climbed the hills, which to his surprise, were as dry as a desert although it had rained all night.

Upon reaching the summit, Robert was struck with a wave of refreshing water. This helped clear his mind over the stressful events that had happened in the past 24 hours.

Then, a pesky bee clung to the side of his jagged arm. It stabbed its needle into his skin, leading to a roar of pain from Robert. He tossed the insect over the hills, towards the water. He tried to pinch his skin, feeling the wince of the sting.

However, what he grabbed hold of was not his arm. He was pinching the sky. This was odd for Robert, he had never been able to pinch the sky before, hell nobody has been able to. With a second of hesitation, Robert clenched both hands onto the gap, pulling the tear apart. Lo and behold, there was a gap in the sky, a tear in the fabric of the universe. This was perplexing Robert, there was nothing beyond it, and nothing comprehensible to explain it.

So, Robert did what any normal person would do. He stuck his hand into the tear. Then all of his body was gone. Robert vanished into this tear. No search parties, no missing posters for the teenager ever appeared, because nobody remembered him. He was erased from reality. The only individual who remembered him, was his dog.

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