This idea has just popped into my head, but do you know how amazing Cheerios are? Compared to Weetabix, i believe Cheerios are the greatest cereal one can buy, i will explain in detail why i think so.

Firstly, the packaging is great for all users. There is always a little maze on the back of the box, which can be used to entertain the children whilst you each your Cheerios. There are often prizes to be won, that could only be found out by buying a packet of these scrumptious hoops. This benefits all users, and makes the experience more thrilling.

Secondly, the content inside. Unlike most other brands, Cheerios fills the cereal up to the top of the box. When i was younger, and we used to have Coco Pops, the box would only be filled three quarters of the way. With Cheerios however, you get more because you deserve more. Consequently, this puts a smile on all breakfast eaters who have it.

Next, there is the taste. My goodness, when you eat a Cheerio, it is almost like God came down and kissed you on the head. These taste delicious. I could happily sit down all day; just eating Cheerios. The mixture between the wholegrain and the honey taste makes the experience all the more exciting; which one will you eat next?

Finally, the shape of the Cheerio. I don’t know who came up with the design, but it was genius from day one. The texture is soft, easy to eat, and absorbs milk well. It is also just a nice sight to see in cereal, compared to the mundane rice-shaped breakfast others have. Spice up your breakfast, pop a banana in if you want to!

Overall, Cheerios is the greatest cereal ever known to mankind. If you have any suggestions for other cereals, please let me know.

This is by far the weirdest thing i have ever written, thank goodness for Cheerios

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