The Flash: A review

I have never written a proper review before, but this idea came into my mind, and i thought it sounded fun.

The Flash, a CW show that has been running since 2014. It follows the story of Barry Allen, a forensic scientist that gets struck by lighting in the particle accelerator incident. Join him and his friends as they fight crime, and confront other meta-humans.

That was the basic premise of season 1. It was the best season of them all. The story was simple and had an endpoint. The villain was executed extremely well, with the reverse flash being revealed slowly to the main cast, as they realised it was him who killed Barry’s mother.

There were a few issues though. The pacing in the first season seemed slow at times. It does not take over 23 episodes to build up to the big fight, when it could’ve been pulled off in half the time. The finale was a bit of a letdown in the end, Barry goes into this big singularity in the sky, yet it doesn’t lead to anything amazing in season 2 (other than the introduction of the villain). The romance between iris and Barry is weird, they are basically siblings after living with each other all their lives. Don’t worry, it is only step siblings!

Season 2, my favourite of the lot. The story surrounding Zoom, and the introduction of the multiverse boosted the story to the next level. It was really interesting to see how the team interacted with the story of Jay Garrick, and the new metas. However, there was an issue with the reveal of the identity, it was basically the same as last year’s big bad. It is quiet mundane, you could see it from a mile away. The finale was pretty cool, but was wrecked when flashpoint was created.

Season 3, a total shipwreck. I think the story really struggled to find its grounding, as in where it wanted to go with the story. The villain was Dr Alchemy, who suprise surprise, was another character that the team already knew. Then, they introduced this big CG villain Savitar, to be the main enemy of the series. He was pretty cool, and very OP, especially in the first fight. I think the writers noticed this, and then turned him down to be less powerful, especially in the final fight. Also, the whole story surrounding Iris’ death was just not great. We all knew they were not going to kill her, so why bother with the suspense? I mean in episode 22, it did look like they were going to kill her, but NOOOPE!

Savitar’s reveal, nobody knows…

Season 4, another example where the season premiere fixes any issue that was raised at the start of the last one. The villain was okay, the thinker was a nice change from the regular speedster the series clung to. Also, the introduction of characters such as Ralph made a very good addition to the team. I still don’t get why Catlin would be evil when turning to Killer Frost, it doesn’t work. Overall, it was an okay season, besides Iris suddenly being in charge of the team.

Season 5, back to the roots a bit more. The introduction of XS was a very good choice. Seeing her interact with members of the team, being a future daughter of Barry and Iris, was nice to see. Cicada was pretty bad though, it was a shame to see him die though, i doubt he will be remembered much. The reverse flash coming back was a nice surprise , as if we haven’t seen him enough already in previous seasons. His interaction with Nora was cool though, but her going into the negative speed force was god-awful. When she ‘died’ it was a good idea to do so, i don’t think they could have done much with her character.

Season 6, we are finally here. I really haven’t watched a full episode of the Flash in a long time. This season though, it has begun to find a better placing for the show’s theme. Bloodwork was a good villain, the story between him and the death of the speedforce was very cool to see. But, the only issue was how many times they alluded to Crisis on Infinite Earths. When you think about it, only Oliver and Earth 90 Flash ( to be fair, who cares about him) actually died, it wasn’t that much of a crisis. Once this was over, the villanous organisation of Black Hole was a good choice. Whilst we won’t get to see the full battle play out due to the stopping of production, it was a nice change of pace. Mirror Iris was boring, how did nobody notice for a while.

Overall, the Flash is an okay series. Maybe it is just me growing up, but when i was younger, it was all i could think about. As the show grew, my liking for it disappeared, which is quite sad; being apart of my childhood. Nevertheless, i am glad i watched it, and would rate it a 6.5/10.

I would give it a 7 if they ever gave Wally the respect he so desperately deserves.

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