You are going to die someday.

This is a morbid title, but it is the most valid, truthful piece of information you will ever know.

I was reminded of this fact when watching one of Matt D’avella’s videos the other day, entitled “ Watch this before you die”. The video explains how the majority of the population don’t pursue their dreams and goals, and instead settle for the average life because they are unaware of their mortality. 

It’s 2020, technology is all around us; controlling us to an extent to where we have no free time. Dreams and aspirations fulfil their destinies, remaining as fantasises in the back of our minds, whilst we watch cat videos on Facebook. 

The pandemic which surged the world into a large panic at the beginning of this year, hopefully has rejuvenated how fragile life is for us all. There was no certainty you and I would get through this, yet here we are; alive with open eyes. 

We are all going to die one day. The inclusion of the “one day” at the end makes the time sound distant,; not anytime soon. Consequently, this is the same approach the rest of the population have to this statement: it isn’t going to happen soon, so I am okay to continue what I am doing. But, this is not the case for everyone. 

Although this sounds depressing, it does not need to be. We all have a limited time, but that gives us more of a reason to do what we want with our life. We do not get another one. 

If you want to go skydiving with a goat, make it happen!

If you want to cook a meal for all your friends and family, make it happen!

If you want to write a book ,that has been in the back of your mind for the past 10 years, I think you know what to do.

If you feel comfortable sitting down and watching Netflix all day and night for the rest of your life, good for you. But, if you have other dreams and wants in life, you best get after them. 

~ Here are a few of my goals:

Write a short novel and publish it

Go skydiving

Run a marathon 

Continue writing the blog for the next year

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