Time, it is moving so fast isn’t it?

Well, technically it is moving at the same rate it has done for all of time. The length of a second is the same as it was at the beginning of time. But, it feels as though it is getting faster and faster.

When the first lockdown came into phase last year, it felt like time had stopped. There were no cars, no people, nothing. We felt like it would never end. Now, being back almost a year later, this feeling has gone.

We blink and 5 days have gone. We sleep and a month is gone. Time is moving very fast, which makes all previous moments and days fizzle together.

This is what this post is about, remembering the importance of each moment.

You cannot decide your future, you cannot change your past. The only action you have control of is the present moment. By doing so, you can influence future outcomes, but not change them.

I myself have found it difficult to focus on the present moment. With so much going on in my life, and around the world, it feels as though moments do not matter. If we get to this date, everything will be normal and then the present becomes important, but what about now?

Time is ticking, the world keeps on going. Ferris Bueller said it best “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stay and look around in a while, you might miss it”.

Cherish every moment you have, live in the NOW.

Lockdown 3.0

With the UK having another lockdown announced to protect there NHS, I wanted to touch on some of the benefits and my thoughts on the decision.

Obviously, it sucks. It’s annoying for those who need to go to work, the concept of freedom gets swayed, as people are not allowed to go anywhere.

But, there are some positives. You can still go out for exercise, such as a run, walk, cycle, etc. Just like in the first lockdown, this time is the best time to start something new, learn a new skill, or practice what you already know. Better get that guitar out of the cupboard.

If you are going to spend this Lockdown alone, don’t suffer in silence. There are many people, friends, family, and phone services that can help. Being on your own can be lonely, but you don’t have to be alone.

On the other hand, being alone might be great. You finally have your freedom to do what you want to do, but not everyone will feel that luxurious. Remember to look out for one another, because we are all in this together.

Please, don’t break the rules. You know it’s wrong, so why do it?

Finally, take some time to yourself. You don’t have to be working 24 hours a day. There is more than enough time in a day for you to relax. I ask you take up that opportunity, and remember to be present in that moment.

Take care!

My time offline…

A couple of days ago, i said that i would be taking some time off the internet to have a break from it all. I said this with every intention, that i would find happiness and joy in doing different actions in everyday life, compared to the norm.

This did not go to plan.

So, the 1st day went pretty well. I woke up on time, feeling well rested from the night before ( no phone present). I had my breakfast, and took the dog for a walk; bringing my phone in case of an emergency. It was then that i encountered my first problem, my morning routine was all over the place. See, I use my phone for the workout apps, and as a timer for meditation. Without being able to use it, i found it difficult to exercise, and as a result i ended up exercising less than usual.

However, there was a benefit. I got really into one of the books i was reading. In the beginning, it was difficult to concentrate, but as i progressed, it became easier to direct all attention onto the book. We live our lives through the process of multitasking, that we forget it makes us less productive.

Another problem occured, i felt really bored. I never realised how much my phone takes my attention away from my everyday life. All of what i do is on my phone. Not being able to blog, or practice a new skill made life pretty difficult. Regrettably, i ended up going on my phone to fulfil this need, for a limited time.

Another benefit i did find is that i had free time in the evening. So, instead of sitting down and watching TV, i jumped in my car, and drove to a nearby forest; to have a walk. It was relaxing, i felt my imagination transpire past boundaries i thought was impossible. I felt very relaxed.

As the day came to an end, i realised that i had received a message from my boss, where i needed to be online. Again, i had to open my phone to transcribe an email. Besides this, the first day and a half was pretty successful.

As i come to the end now, i do not see this challenge as a failure. Technology has grown to have a larger influence in my life, than i had previously imagined. But, this is not all bad. I use services such as YouTube for entertainment, whilst still pursuing my writing and skill-building courses.

It is all about balance. You do not need to strip everything away from your life, but to keep the essentials that you value dearly. I will cut down my screen time ( using the Apple service ” Screen time” ) but continue to use my devices to improve myself as a person.

Your turn: What could you cut back on which is not adding value to your life?

What I have learned from Quarantine so far…

I thought I would put a list together so far upon what I have learned during the time of quarantine in the UK.

  • The News can be detrimental to your health
    • This one is pretty obvious. In the times of the coronavirus pandemic, the news has been the go to source of information. Whilst this has been good for the public to be informed, the rates of depression are on the rise. I remember at the start of the pandemic, I use to google the death rates of the virus in the UK DAILY. Granted, my parents hold a pessimistic view about the situation ( they still read the news) and this impacts how I start the day. However, by starting the day, not reading the news; has made me more of a positive individual. This has made me stronger.
  • Meditation, and staying present is important
    • I have consistently been meditating throughout this time of quarantine. This is the most important time of my daily routine, where I just sit with my thoughts; counting the breaths . This had a tremendous impact on my levels of stress. Being more aware of my emotions has allowed me to control these to be churned into positivity. Ferris Bueller once said “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it”. Meditation has given me access to staying present.
  • I love my dogs so much
    • Going on dog walks everyday has broken my day up. Both of my dogs have kept me going. From making me angry due to running off into a field, to rolling around in a muddy puddle; which made me laugh.
  • I am so grateful for this time
  • I am very grateful to be alive, with my family and friends being healthy and safe. I am grateful to be living in a nice home; not struggling with my financial side, to be able to focus on my own projects.
  • My aggression
    • I still have a lot of built up anger inside of me; since I was younger. It is a everyday work in progress to improve my state of mind, so I may be happier and healthy for the forthcoming times.
  • My beliefs
    • What I believe that I am capable of, is in pandemonium. I can do anything I want; no limits. I am able to do something new, and believe in myself.